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Reasoning and doubts

The boring and trivial life of a bipolar lesbian mother

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42, female, mother of a ten year old daughter, bisexual *well more lesbian than bi, but because of the kid factor, they demoted me, or did I get promoted?, work within the city, video games, computers, don't drink, (rare if I do), gambles on the horses, loves history, writing, poetry. I will used the word 'piddle' as this is what I do most often.

I've been with my partner 8 years and we still act like newlyweds

oh and I'm bi-polar...that explains alot as well

moody, most of the time. I think I'm overall boring, but someone told me yesterday I was 'spicy'. I love to read

I am traveling thru the net to find other people with at least some open mindiness about them. As with most common aspects of searching and reading about other people, we do come and go without notice. So I can only offer the time that I am here and make no promises after that. I am extrordinaryly simple and uneventful. Whatever I write about is of my choice and I will not apologize for offending, if I do. It is not my place to judge you nor is it your place to judge me.
I will never hold back and I will try not to rant and rave about stuff I'm really pretty ignorant about anyway. I can say that I don't tolerate hypocracy, but being just as human as everyone else, I am also not immune to it. But I try everyday NOT to be.
I can only offer to the reader, passive, and rather boring reading at times and nothing more. But I do find that writing is a better mirror to the soul, because of it's secret kept mainly in the mind, than to meet someone in public and get to know them.
That's it...the rest we'll figure out as we go....