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8th grade graduation

Well she's out of junior high school and will begin her 9th grade this fall. Thursday night was beautiful, she was beautiful. Her friends spent the night afterwards and sometime after midnight, my heeler sprained her tail. How a dog can sprain a tail is beyond my understanding. But it takes a $350.00 ER visit in the middle of the night to find this out!

Elise is gone for 4 days with her group from church sight seeing somewhere up north of the state and I miss the brat.

yes...boys are starting to notice

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I miss you my friend
Are you still out there somewhere in the void?
Please get in touch

I think of you quite often as we both go through the years of getting older. I miss the innocence we shared and the could of's, would of's and should of's. You've always been my friend since our whole affair once began so long ago and cherish you deeply within the part of my heart that is yours alone.
I would have liked to have met your wife (when you were married of course) and would have loved to have made more of an effort to come again to see you.
I like to think of you as part of my home, home being thoughts and echoes of what was always known and familiar to me. I think of your quirks and smile and I know that I helped as you have helped me, to become who we are now lo so many years since.
This world is better because you are here and you touched a part of my heart that can never be forgotten or ignored. Know Gray that I wish I had ridden some of the rides through life you've taken. I wish I had been there and shared those experiences with you and I wish you had been there to keep me grounded when I needed to be so.
I miss you as well my friend. I still love you after all these many years Gray...
you were the one that got away...

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